door locked sensor


is anyone aware of a sensor that will notify if a door isn't locked. it would likely have to be a wireless small unit that would be installed inside of the door jam to sense the bolt. I would want to connect it to my insteon system or my Elk alarm to arrange notifications.
No wireless 'sensor' that I know of. I did find a post on the HomeSeer forums that shows a way to put a wired magnetic contact sensor inside a door jam here.

There are a lot of people that use a Z-Wave or WiFi deadbolts.
@bbrendon is there a sensor made for those magnets (other than the one you have to drill through the wall and install a box next to the door like the guy did on HomeSeer?
You could possible use this sensor's 'external sensor' terminals and connect it to the magnetic contact wires. If using these external inputs you would not of course use their included magnet.

Insteon Sensor.jpg