DSC Power632



I have a DSC Power632 security system that was installed in my house when purchased... I am considering 2 upgrades to the system and was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with this system/these modules.

DSC ESCORT5580TC -> Which is supposed to give me some control over x-10 devices upon system events... what I am aiming for is lights on etc. in event of an alarm.

DSC wireless LCD 5501Z-433 Keypad -> Nicer keypad than I currently have and adds wireless... idea is to easily add glass break sensors etc.

Thanks for any input!
I'm using the power862 and i've had no troubles with it at all. The upgrades you talk of i've also been using with no problems.

The escort module is reliable and does what it's supposed too, at one time i used it to directly turn on lights, these days i use it more as a trigger and have homeseer do the actual work. it does also give you a measure of thermostat control and remote call in to check on system status and change thermostat setting.

the only thing i use the wireless module is for a keyfob to turn system off and on, i'm not a real fan of wireless in any form so someone else will have to give you a little background on that.

DSC released a serial interface enabing there power series to be conroled via rs232 serial connections. Sky is the limit to what you can do there.

It's going to be cheaper to buy a panel with rs232 builtin like the Caddx nx8e over buying the rs232 adapter for the DSC, but you have to factor in the cost of the keypads while you are at it.