Dual Monitor Laptop


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Has anyone ever seen a dual monitor laptop. I just noticed that my laptop has the ability to be in dual monitor mode and allows me to extend my desktop. I am looking for a laptop that has a second monitor built with it. So you flip up one and then flip out the second so that both monitor are portable. We have a need for something like this at work and we were going to take apart an old laptop and make one out self but we want to make sure nothing already exist that we could just buy.
I have never heard of a laptop with a second monitor built in. Seems like it would be pretty big & clunky and for a very niche market. Many (most?) laptops nowadays do support a second external monitor or projector very well.
I haven't seen any consumer type laptops which offer 2 screens. You are better off just buying a small lightweight 14-15" LCD, and use that as your second monitor. Either way, you will be carrying extra weight, so might as well go the cheap/easy route. Only other option is to find a laptop which has a huge screen, so you get about the same real estate you would get with 2 regular LCD's. I did find these links:

http://www.akihabaranews.com/en/news_9871.html (one LCD, 2 views, brand new)

Maybe these links can guide you to a manufacture which has something like that.

Or you could go the software route:
Thanks electron, that is a lot more information then I was able to find. Even the software solution may be of some help since many of our projects will already have a tablet PC installed and we can just connect to it via the laptop and share the screen using software. Just might do the trick.