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Name: Nick
Location: Lansing, MI

I am currently working on getting our TV mounted over the fireplace with the components located in the basement and also setting up a whole home audio system inspired by Jwilson56's setup.

Living room setup/main audio zone
TV: Samsung LN-T5265F (above fireplace)
Receiver: Onkyo tx-sr606 (basement)
Front and Center speakers: JBL Control 29av (mounting to ceiling above fireplace)
Rears: JBL Control 26 (mounted in the ceiling)
Sub: Need to find one
PS3 and Xbox 360 (located in upstairs closet)
Monoprice HDMI over cat5 wallplates

Other Zones
Technics SA-EX140 200Watt RMS Stereo receivers
8" Monoprice inceiling speakers (very very impressed with these!)

Control/Shared Hardware
PC Running Girder/MediaBridge/JRMC (hopefully adding winamp feeds soon)
M-Audio Delta 410 firewire 10 output sound card
Nokia 770 tablet (rdp/netremote)
Seepoint Touchscreen(netremote)
Ir connecting blocks and related hardware

One of the concerns I had when putting the system together was that a failure in any one point would bring the whole system down. To keep from getting killed by my wife when I am working on something or having issues I decided in the main zone and eventually the bedroom tv to have a backup system. I found a nice connecting block, IR receiver, IR emitter package from cables to go on amazon for $40 which allows me to still use remotes in the living room as a backup.

Another concern I had is with the placement of the PS3 and Xbox. I didnt want to have to run all the way to the basement every time I wanted to change a disk so I added a shelf in our coat closet which is adjacent to the TV room so that I can place the xbox, PS3 and probably a sub eventually.

For the video runs I am using the Monoprice HDMI over cat5/6 wallplates with great success (in testing). I was originally having an issue getting signal from the onkyo receiver to the tv (70ft run) but upon doing a little research I found out the problem. The 5v output on the onkyo receivers is weak and since the wallplates are passive they just arnt getting enough power. The solution was a Cablestogo HDMI voltage inserter which works amazing once you figure out which direction to plug it in. ;)

I will try to take some pictures and get them posted up ASAP!