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I tested last week the duress account I created. I think, something is wrong with the way M1 respond or something is wrong with the way I set up the account. I was just testing the duress code to see if it gets sent to NextAlarm. Fortunately, it does. However, my fingers was so fast, I hit the duress code many times and it armed it again. So, I went back to RP and unchecked the Arm checkbox, then sent it to the system. I tried pressing the duress code again, and it still armed it. I was expecting that M1 will not do anything since it was in DISARM state and that ARM checkbox was unchecked. Is this normal?

Please see attachment for my Duress account and Communicator configuration.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Neil, if no one gets back to you with a quick answer, I'll test my bench panel for you tomorrow.
FYI folks.....

ELK vendor has recreated the behavior. They have sent it to their Chief Engineer for more deep analysis. I will keep you posted.


Tweaked the panel on the bench by unchecking the arm and disarm boxes. When entering the duress code it either arms the panel to away mode or disarms the panel. Spanky?