EHX 2006 Long Beach


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It's been pretty quiet here. Anyone going to EHX in Long Beach this November? How about we meet after the ELK Training session on Thursday November 16, 2006?
rfdesq said:
I'll buy the first round . . .
First round of what?

Since it's at the Elk training session, how about a round of Ethernet expanders? :)

I'll be there!
Spanky will have to buy the Ethernet modules or that might be the free gift for attending the training session. I'll buy the first round of drinks (alcoholic or virgin) :)
I believe I will be there. I organized the Spring EHX get-together that Barry Gordon opened his house to about 30 of us for, but I don't know anything about the Long Beach area. Any suggestions for a place to meet or anybody want to show off their house? I am not trying to steal rfdesq's idea or lead here.
Hi all,

I went to last year's show at the Anaheim Convention Center and plan to attend the one at the Long Beach Convention Center which is only about 20 minutes from my home in Torrance, CA.

I have a fairly large townhome in Torrance and I might consider opening it up for a group get together on Thursday Nov 16th if there is no one in the Long Beach area available.

I'm in Long Beach, but at the other end of town from the convention center (not much closer than Torrance). I would be happy to host something as well, but it might not be as nice as one of the blues clubs downtown. :D
WayneW said:
I am not trying to steal rfdesq's idea or lead here.
Don't worry about that I'm just glad to get the ball rolling. The reason I thought we'd meet after the ELK Training session is that I'm only there for the day. I plan on taking the Metrorail to the venue and I have to work the next day. Feel free to plan a bash I just wanted to put some faces to the usernames.
Cinemar will be attending and enjoying the hospitality of the Automated Outlet booth. Please stop by and say Hi!