Elk Clock Not Working

Mike P

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Hi, I hope somebody can help me out, The clock in my Elk M1 seems to have stopped working. The time and date on the keypad says 00/00/00 12:00 AM. I have tryed to set it, But it changes back to 0's as I am changing it. Any advice?

From the Elk forum, Posted by kphillips on 01/12/2005 11:08 - Real Time Clock - Setting
There have been some rare reported instances of the clock chip locking up. The clock is dual powered, both from the main power supply and a coin cell "backup" lithium battery located under the front cover. This battery IS NOT USED FOR SYSTEM MEMORY RETENSION, it is only used to keep the clock running when the control is not powered up.

The solution to unlock the clock and reset it to running condition requires that it be totally powered down. Use the following procedures:
A. Remove the M1 cover (it may be easiest to remove the board from the box first).
B. Then slip a small piece of paper in between the coin cell battery (upper left corner) and the metal clip that holds it in.
C. Leave this paper in place and turn off the M1 power switch.
D. After 15 seconds, turn the power switch on and remove the paper.
E. This will unlock the clock and allow it to be set from the keypad or from the Elk-RP software.

The revision of M1 firmware has no effect on the clock chip since it is an independent processor. However, there may be a link between the lockup and the process involved in updating the firmware, which causes the M1 to reboot each time. Other believed cases involved repeated powering up and down of the control in a short time period.