Elk detect Keypadlinc button press?


Just got my Elk running with my Insteon system. Sweet!

Does anyone know of a way to get the Elk to detect a button press on a Keypadlinc?


I've been trying this with my KPLs and Homeseer. I can't get the PLC to detect an Insteon button press no matter what I try in Insteon mode, but I can get something like 80 - 90% reliability in X10 mode.

Sorry that's not more help, but this technology has a way to go. I'm very sorry to say that, given that I've got a house full of it. Not the best purchase I'ver ever made...
Cinemar's MainLobby Insteon driver allows users to define a command for each button on the KeypadLinc. You can actually send a different command based on bright, dim, on, off. So up to four commands per button.

Works great.

I personally use it to turn on an irrigation system to water a fountain in the front yard as well as turn on and adjust volume to front landscape speakers attached to a Russound Cav6.6.

You could also send commands to/from Elk using our Elk plugin such as Arm/Disarm.