Elk function keys and rules


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I am trying to get the F5 function key on any keypad to kick off a task. I have set the keypad to 00=Disable alarm and set it for a single key press. I then have a rule that says whenever F5 is pressed on any keypad, it should activate a task. It never triggers the task. I have also configured the F5 on the keypad for 16=non-event alarm with no difference.

If I configure the keypad to kick off the task directly, that works so I know my task is correct.
A task is basically just a name. You need 2 rules. You say you have the WHENEVER F5 key ON ANY KEYPAD ACTIVATES THEN ACTIVATE TASK (Task x). That just activates the task but does not do anything else (no real actions). Do you also have a rule that says WHENEVER TASK (TaskX) is ACTIVATED THEN ...carry out your individual actions?