ELK-M1XSP causing Lost Comm on keypad


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Before installing the M1XSP I had successfully tested the M1 with one keypad and an M1XOVR output expander both plugged into an s M1DBH data bus hub plus the ethernet module plugged directly into the M1.... no problems.

Anytime I plug the M1XSP into the data bug hub, the keypad shows the the following (I may not have these exactly right as it goes by fast if it comes up at all):

KP Addr--> 1
KP Ver. 2.1.44

ELK M1 Control

KP Addr--> 1
Lost Comm.

The the keypad goes blank and is unusable.

After several seconds the elk speaker announces somethink like "input expander missing" and then several seconds later "keypad module 1 missing".

I CAN connect to the M1 with ElkRP via the ethernet connection, but if I try to do a firmware update on the serial expansion module it says that none are connected or none are working.

I have set the M1XSP to a variety of different addresses (the instructions say address 1 is fine, however I don't know how that can be if the keypad is #1.) I have also tried a variety of different jumper configurations based on the pictures and documentation.

Edit: I see the address number info now: "Keypads and expander devices communicate over the RS-485 4-wire data bus. Each device must have a unique address setting (from 1 to 16) within it’s device type. Keypads are TYPE 1, input (zone) expanders TYPE 2, output expanders TYPE 3, serial expanders TYPE 4, etc. The purpose of device types is so that the address numbers can be re-used in each different device type. It’s OK to have a Keypad, Zone Expander, and Output Expander all set to address 2 and on the same data bus since each device is a different device type. It is NOT OK to have duplications of addresses within the same device type. I.E. Multiple keypads on the same control cannot be set to 'like' addresses."

Anyone have any ideas?

Is there a way to test my cable, etc?
keypad address 1 is different from XSP #1, so there should be no problem there. Is your wiring and termination correct?
Check to see that you did not short or reverse the green and white wires (data line) with each other or anything else by accident. It looks like you are taking down the dataline so the keypad would start to beep and give you the Lost Communication display since it cant see the panel.

BTW when you play with this just hit the "*" key on the keypad to silence the beep (its annoying).
Normally this is a wiring problem shorting out the data bus. Check Data A goes to Data A, Data B goes to Data B, +12V and negative properly connected.

First check the M1XSP +12V power with a voltmeter to see if power is correctly connected and 12Vdc is not present on DATA A and DATA B.

Move the M1XSP to the M1 and connect directly to the data bus on the M1 and see if everything works.
There was a RJ45 crimping problem which I replaced and things are somewhat working now.

Things would only work when the 3 items were in a certain order which lead me to believe I had a termination issue. I did not change anything and after rebooting serveral time everything works in any order now. VERY WEIRD. Pehaps one of the rj45 plugs wasn't snug enough in the data bus hub.