Elk "Phone Fault"


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I finally plugged the Elk RJ31X into the telco line. Tonight I added some Communicator info so I could try contacting NextAlarm, incl my first entries in the "Telephones" section of ElkRP. As soon as I uploaded it, the Elk reports "Phone Fault". I know the RJ31X is working fine as it cuts off my house phone and takes control. Hence, I need to leave it off so I can use the phones.

Any idea what could cause this? The one thought I did have is that the tip & ring wires are unlabeled from the telco, so I took a guess, figured I had a 50-50 shot of being right. The phones & DSL work fine, so I presumed that I had guessed correctly.

I'll try switching them, but I can't come up with anything else to look at. Any ideas as to what other things I wondering if there's anything else I should check on?
I cannot remember exact procedures on how to clear this fault. However, go to Elk Web site under the download new firmware for the M1 panel and it spells out the exact procedures in clearing this fault.
Under user menu 8,6,4 check the Last On Hook Telephone Line Voltage to make sure the control is connected to the telephone line.

Try re-initializing the International Telephone Configuration: With the latest ELKRP, under Global programming, change the international telephone line configuration from the United States to some other country. Send it to the M1. Change back to the United States and send it to the M1.
Thanks much. That re-initializing did the trick, I set to some other country, set back, now it's cool.