Elk rule not activating two tasks

I am having trouble getting a rule to activate two separate tasks when the rule is triggered.

I have one task that when activated turns off several lights. The second task sends a message to the front door lock instructing it to lock. I have both of these tasks in a rule that initiates when the alarm is set. Below is the actual rule... the first task works when the rule is triggered but the second task doesn't activate. If I execute the second task manually via RP using the test feature it works. I'm stumped as to why both tasks aren't executing.
     THEN ACTIVATE All Lights Off (Task 1)
     THEN ACTIVATE Lock Front Door (Task 2)
In the lighting section of RP look to see if the option "opt" is checked for the UPB lights described there. If yes then I would try un-checking it.
Another thing to consider is if the door is actually being locked by this rule but then being unlocked by a separate rule further down in the rules list.
Thanks for the suggestions Mike.

I will verify the opt setting on the lights and try placing the door lock task above the light task.

Currently I only have this one task/rule for the door lock since I just got it integrated the other day.
By un-selecting the "opt" setting in lighting for UPB lighting you ensure that the links in a scene will execute sequentially and not interfere with each other.
Changing the order of the rules is just a long shot. You could also remove the lighting rule and see if the door rule works when it is the only "then" clause to remove the lighting as being a factor at all.
Just a follow up.... I'm still experiencing the same problem.

I have verified that none of the light configurations have the option "opt" checked and I switched the order of the tasks within the rule so now the task to lock the front door is before the task that turns off the lights. When I tested this I made sure the front door was unlocked and when I armed the alarm there was no change to the front door lock but inside lights turned off as expected.

Now I have no idea what is going on... is it not uncommon for Elk to lose a Z-Wave (M1XSLZW) configuration?

Yesterday when I tested the door lock task within RP the front door locked. This evening I updated the rule that calls both the light task and door lock task and removed the light task so only the door lock task remained. When I armed the alarm nothing happened. Out of curiosity, from within RP I initiated the door lock task via the test option and nothing happened. Yesterday this worked and sent a signal to the front door and it locked.
I went through the entire Leviton Vizia RF controller configuration process and reestablished the Z-Wave network and updated the M1XSLZW with the configuration and still nothing happens.

Has anyone else experienced difficulty integrating Z-Wave with Elk?
Is your lighting zwave? Are there any UPB lights involved? The "opt" option that I mentioned applies to UPB lighting
.For testing purposes I would create two tasks, one for the door lock and one for the lights. Then you don't have to concern yourself with the conditional "when" rule and just manually execute the task from M1togo or ekeypad for testing.
Have you considered that you may be having radio interference or maybe low batteries in the door lock?
I appreciate your feedback Mike.

All lighting is controlled with UPB and I haven't made any changes to it in about a year. The only z-wave device I have is the front door lock.

As for the tasks, I do have two... one for turning off a collection of lights and the other to send the command to the front door instructing it to lock... do you mean create two rules, one for each task? The batteries in the lock were replaced two weeks ago.
You're welcome, I like to help troubleshooting to give back to the group and because it helps me learn new stuff. It's kind of addicting. I'm just a DIY'er and always learning.
For the tasks you can check the box that says "show" and then you will be able to see them and execute them from M1TOGO and/or ekeypad. I just thought that it would make it easier to test those functions.
Do you have ekeypad or M1TOGO? Is the Elk communicating with the UPB system at all at this point? A quick test you can do:
Open the door on the elk enclosure and look at the UPB PIM. It It should have an orange light on it. Then watch the light as you turn a light  on or off using ekeypad and the light should change to green momentarily and you will hear a slight buzz. This will prove that the Elk is sending a link to the PIM . Then have someone turn a light on or off manually and the same should happen. This will prove that the switch is sending a link to the PIM. If both of these tests pass then the problem is probably not hardware related and I would look to the Elk configuration.
I'm a DIY'er as well and like tinkering with technology, though it can be frustrating at times... haha

ELK and the UPB configuration are communicating and I have verified this because I have a rule that will turn off lights when I arm the alarm. I set the alarm to away and lights are turned off. I also have an evening rule that when activated basically does the reverse... turns lights off and then arms the alarm to stay mode. I have also observed a separate evening rule that turns on exterior lights at a specific time is functioning properly.

I'm thinking the issue is one of two things.... 1. the M1XSLZW is not retaining the z-wave configuration or 2. the z-wave signal is not strong enough to transmit from the module in the Elk panel to the front door. The door lock is the only z-wave device so I'm wondering if a z-wave repeater might be necessary.

Is there any way to test that the M1XSLZW contains a z-wave configuration and is functioning properly? I know that the z-wave network is configured because from within the Leviton Vizia controller software I can execute the door lock and unlock function manually. I've uploaded this configuration to the RF controller in the Elk panel and get the confirmation that is was successfully updated.

My house is a single story ranch and the Elk panel is located in the master bedroom closet which is at the opposite end of the house in relation to the front door.
You said earlier that the lights had stopped working, are they good now?
I don't know much about Zwave except that it is wireless and I THINK that it uses each device as a transmitter and the signal jumps deve to device.
Do you have a zwave device that you can move close to the transmitter to test? Or someway to test that the signalis being transmitted and/or received?
davidliles said:
 I can execute the door lock and unlock function manually. I've uploaded this configuration to the RF controller in the Elk panel and get the confirmation that is was successfully updated.

This indicates that it is not a wireless signal problem but more likely a configuration problem. We need a Zwave user to help here.
I apologize if said the UPB lights were not functioning... they are and always have been functioning as expected.

I am not very knowledgeable about z-wave but I do know it functions as a mesh network and signals are passed from one device to another.... and I believe I read somewhere that signals can only be relayed through four devices. Also, any z-wave device that runs on batteries such as door locks or battery operated smoke detectors can not relay z-wave signals because they are basically in a sleep mode until triggered.

I don't have any other z-wave devices but am thinking of getting a z-wave repeater to locate half way between the Elk panel and front door.