ELK Support Of Nuvo Grand Concerto

Ed Nelson

Hello All;

Can't believe I cannot find the answer to this; which may by default BE my answer :)

Does the Elk M1G (either the standard or TS07 touchscreen) support display and control
of the Nuvo Grand Concerto?

If not, are there plans to provide such support. I believe Elk just released such support for
the Russound product.

Thanks In Advance.
No, not yet. My understanding is that NuVo is next in line, now that the Russound is released, but don't believe everything I say. I hope that means the GC, but it could mean the older line of NuVo products, since unfortunately they have different protocols. But I hope a lot of the elk code & knowledge is now reusable and they support a lot of audio systems quickly. I want to tie my Grand Concerto into my M1. :)

Does the Elk-audio integration allow controlling any of the audio? Such as turning on the "right" music depending upon who disarms? Or turning all music off when arming?
As Wayne mentioned... no Nuvo support for the Elk M1 at this time.

Currently the Elk/Russound integration is limited to GUI when using the Rlk RM software and doesn't allow for any control. It sounds like Elk "rules" which would allow control of the system will be in the works soon.

Thanks Wayne/Paul;

This would have been icing, as the current product as stands blows my socks off. I lamented long on whether to go with Nuvo or CAAV6 and while I made a decision strickly on FUD, I am thus far happy. I may start another thread for those who have both to chime in on pros/cons.

- Ed
Currently, the ELKRM, remote management software for the M1, only supports the Russound CAV/CAM6.6 video/audio system. Additional enhancements are always on going, but no commitments.

The current ELKRM running on a PC, ultra mobile PC, or Windows CE based touchscreen, like the ELK TS-07 Touchscreen, gives nice automation control capability without programming.

There are other third party configurable software packages including THESE.

Currently all the data is presented on the RS-232 data bus to control the audio/video equipment upon arming/disarming by user. The feature has to be added to the software that is controlling the Russound equipment.

PS. If your company has a software package that supports the ELK M1 system, and it is not included on the ELK Partner List, contact ELK to be included.
Wow, I'm usually all over the ELK site (including the M1Dealers) No idea how I missed that page.

Hope I get a chance to meet you in person Spanky. I am flying in for the June Elk training.

- Ed