Elk + Vonage + ELK-RJSET + Telephone Dist. Module


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Here is the setup:

I do not have phone service over a regular phone line. Instead, I use Vonage with my DSL. So, what I am trying to do is hookup my vonage phone line to the ELK-RJSET for control and monitoring of the ELK-M1. I have the Vonage Linksys PAP2 adaptor, along with a Leviton Telephone Distribution Module which takes the vonage line and sends it out to several phone locations.

Here is the wiring:

Right now, this is how I have it wired.

Vonage Phone Adaptor (PAP2) -------regular phone chord cut off at one end------->ELK-RJSET R4 and T5 (Red and Green)

ELK-RJSET R1 and T1 ------Brown/White Cat5e wire-------->Demarcation block on a Leviton Telephone Distribution Module

The Problem:

I do not have a dial-tone on the vonage phone line. When I turn on the ELK, the telephone seize light turns on, I hear the relay, and then it turns off. (Which suggests everything is fine on the elk end of things). I do not think this is the proper setup, but I am not sure how I hook up the vonage with the RJSET. Thanks in advance for your help!
That looks right to me. I am using Vonage with my M1 and an RJ31x. I assume you have verified that you have dialtone at the vonage box? Any chance of a wiring problem at the Leviton box?