Elk wireless for a newbie?


Is it possible to setup an elk M1 Gold system to use only wireless sensors? I would like to set one up for testing and educational purposes in a place where there is no pre wiring and where I don't really want to do any low voltage wiring. It seems the elk will work with the cadxx wireless sensors? What else do I need to make this work? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Short answer is yes. You may want to mount the M1, keypad, speaker, siren, and power strip to a wooden board since those elements all require hard wiring. You can then move the board around for maximum viewing. I like the ELK wireless receiver which works will the Cadxx line of crystal transmitters.
You can upto 144 zones of wireless zones starting at zone 17 to zone 160. The first 16 zones are dedicated hardwire. Just set the first 16 hardwired zones as disabled in the zone definition to keep them from working.