Elk wireless signal strength


Hey Spanky,

In another topic you said this:

The hourly supervisory transmissions are generally a shorter duration than an alarm transmission, so that if the RF link is weak it will show up as missing in the supervisory transmissions. Find out which transmitter is missing in the log. The battery could be getting weak or something could have moved into its transmission path that is affecting its signal strength. Go to Walk Test Mode (Elk key, option 3) and trigger the transmitter. The M1 will announce the RF Level as the number of data packets received. 4 or less is a weak transmitter.

I have tried this and my M1 does not say anything other than "beep beep" out of the keypad whenever I trigger a wireless sensor. I have tried changing the walk test chime mode from beep to beep/voice and to voice but it never says anything out loud. I don't particularly care if it does say the signal strength out loud or displays it some other way, but I sure would love a way to determine how good the signal strength is from my caddx wireless devices. I have the caddx (NX) wireless receiver. Any suggestions on how to determine the wireless signal strength?

- jason