Elk Z-Wave Interface

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How well does the Elk Z-Wave Interface (M1XZW) work? Is it as reliable as the handheld remotes for controlling the modules? I am starting to get fustrated with my HS USB interface because it keeps failing to send and I have to keep rebooting the computer. Last time I had problems like this I ended up resetting everything and re-adding each unit back into HS one at a time. It then ran perfectly for 6 months, until I decided to add 4 more modules and now it keeps failing or missing sending commands every couple days. I have no problems from the handheld remotes (even sitting in the exact location as the USB controller), in fact they actually seem to respond better now with the additional modules (which is what they should). I'm tired of waking up and seeing my outside lighing still on! :) I need a Z-Wave controller that works and is much more reliable!

The Pod
The issues we have seen is in larger Zwave systems and issuing ALL ON and OFF commands. The secondary controller sends a broadcast message that only goes to devices that can directly communicate without using repeaters, then individual light command messages are sent out that may use repeaters. This may delay the light operation on distant switches. The entire command should finish before any additional light commands are sent because the commands are not buffered up or stored in the Zwave module. If additional light commands are sent before the first command completes, some lights may not get their command. ELK is working on enhancements to this operation.

Controlling individual lights work great.

Insteon lights have a similiar behavior.