External power


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I've connected external power from my pc +5v to a hobby board barometer via the internal terminal screws.

Does this supply power to the entire 1wire network ?

I have existing devices (aag v3 + rain gauge), I vaguely remember something about the connections being different for these, I'm worried I'll damage them if I connect them with external power being supplied to the barometer (which is working fine, woo!).

The screw terminals connections go straight through to the RJ45 jacks so it you apply power to the Barometer by the screw terminal then that power will also be sent out on pin7 of the RJ45 but that will not cause any problems with any AAG devices you have because they don't use that pin.

Please note that the Barometer requires +14v not +5v because it has a 12v regulator for some of the components.