Firmware for Omni Touch 53A00-1


Does anyone have firmware for the 53A00-1 earlier than
Would like to go back to earlier version, perhaps 2.3.5 -- if I could find it!
Is there a way to default back to an earlier version that was upgraded away from?
I see two versions displayed in the settings, an earlier version, a slash, then the currently installed version.
Anyone?  :)


Here is what I have including documents that date back to 2011.  Source code is included.  It is around 179 Mb on Microsoft Drive.
IE; firmware, source code (Linux) to edit and documentation.  Very basic stuff.
Here is the source code configuration file:

# OpenEmbedded local configuration file
# Please visit the Wiki at for more info.
# Use this to specify where BitBake should place the downloaded sources into
DL_DIR = "/path/to/openembedded/sources"

# Delete the line below. Then specify which .bb files to consider for
# your build. Typically this will be something like BBFILES = "/path/to/openembedded/recipes/*/*.bb"
BBFILES = "/path/to/openembedded/recipes/*/*.bb"

# Use the BBMASK below to instruct BitBake to _NOT_ consider some .bb files
# This is a regulary expression, so be sure to get your parenthesis balanced.

# Note that a full build of everything in OpenEmbedded will take GigaBytes of hard
# disk space, so make sure to free enough space. The default TMPDIR is
TMPDIR = "/path/to/openembedded/tmp"

# Specify a machine to build for. This will automatically take care
MACHINE = "omnitouch"

# Select a distribution policy. 
# Stay away from unversioned distros unless you really know what you are doing
DISTRO = "minimal-uclibc"



Omnitouch 5.7 stuff
The Omnitouch 5.7e (IP POE) is running on CE but very slow.  You can change the screens with the HAI designer program but they are too slow for me especially video.  So here using Omnitouch Pro software on tabletop touchscreens and it runs really fast and is functional for video.


Pete THANK  YOU so much!
You truly are a GURU!
Do you have formal IT training or more self taught?
I'm no slouch but you're WAY ahead of me!
Will dig in to what you sent shortly, I forget if I told you that I work night shift?  :)


Dug in a little bit!
I was looking at a link that offered the open source code for the Omnitouch just the other day.
I'm an idiot!  LOL
What does / can one do with the open source code?
And typically in devices like the Omnitouch, is the previous firmware version also stored in there and available to default back to somehow?  :)


Understood...way past my bedtime here...
Do you have formal IT training or more self taught
Played Star Trek on computer terminals in the early 70's 
Computers were mostly for tinkering / hobbies.  Had a portable CP/M computer in the 80's and used it for accounting ..and a Commodore 64 for tinkering...
Had some formal computer training in the 1990's...Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, et al...old today...and mostly tinker...
open source code?
You can design your own Omnitouch 5.7 serial device screen.  Old stuff.  You will like the OmniTouch 5.7e better as it runs embedded Windows.
Not sure on previous versions of firmware.  


Love this!  "So here using Omnitouch Pro software on tabletop touchscreens and it runs really fast and is functional for video."
Love the Commodore 64's!  I had Radio Shack TRS80 models 1 & 3 when I was like 13.  Would stay up programming for many hours!
Clearly those formal classes helped - and you also have more aptitude for this then most people, I think. :)