Omni pro randomly picks up phone line

Hi, having an issue with the omnipro picking up the landline (Bell Canada) , thus hanging up my voice call. This just started intermitantly over the last month. It usually will happen within a min of answering the phone.
anyone have an idea where to start troubleshooting?. Would this have something to do with the off hook detect setting (currently set to 69) or dead line detect(8) or the pickup after hangup (1) settings. My only option at this point is either put the phone lines in parallel with the omni which would allow someone to intterupt an emergency call out, or disconnect it all together.
Does the phone led on the OmniPro react properly? Do you have any programming that would cause the OmniPro to call out?
Are there any system errors that would cause the OmniPro to call out?
Pickup after Hangup only affects behavior if a call with immediate hangup was placed.
If you press the "#" key on the phone, do you enter the dialog with the OmniPro?

From the OmniLT user manual:
Each time you pick up your telephone at home, the OmniLT will also pick up the line and listen for a # (pound) key. If OmniLT
does not hear the # key within 3 seconds, it hangs up and does not listen in again until the next time you pick up your phone. If
the OmniLT hears any key other than the # key while it is listening in, it disconnects itself immediately.
If the OmniLT does hear the # key within 3 seconds of your picking up the receiver, it disconnects your phones from the phone
company lines and connects your phones to itself, and begins talking to you. When you hang up, your phones are immediately
reconnected to the phone company.
You will hear a slight click on your phone when the OmniLT picks up or hangs up. This is normal. To access your OmniLT
from an in-house phone: Pick up the receiver of any Touch-Tone phone in your house. Pause for just a moment (about a second),
then press the # key on the phone.
You will hear the voice read the menu, which tells you what commands are available over the telephone.
Thanks for your detailed reply. I think I ruled out the omniLT as the source of the problem. The details that led me to this are quite lengthy so I will not bore you with the details, but it was a head scratcher for quite some time. I was at my wits end when I made the OP, but sometimes you have an ah ha moment that led me down a differebt path.
Thanks again,