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Would you like to maybe work with me on on getting some flash plugins made up to interface with homeseer. So far i just put a simple flash together, and its strictly to use from the browersers, no stand alones or any thing. It takes php, flash together to make it work, i seen you were pretty handy with php from the homeseer forums if this is Dan anyway. I can do some php, but you are far more advanced than i am, basically i do phpnuke stuff and make my own mods, but there is alot that is already given thee to work with. I did modify a script you posted in homseer to get this flash example to work. ANy how download it and check it out, nothing fancy, just simple start is all and it only list 3 devices right now i didnt get to deep into it yet. It does need to be in your apache server and php needs to be installed and enabled. If you got swishmax, i have the edible flash file insluded also.

Zip File


I use swishmax also. It's a pretty slick flash editor/creator. Although I haven't tied it into HS yet. I wouldn't mind taking a look at you file to see how you did it so far as well.
np, just down load the zip, but you will need to set up a apache and php server on the puter your homeseer is running on. or if i have my server running you can see a something in the making on mine, now there isnt much there yet, but it is talking to homeseer, it use php as a middle man so to speak, php does most of the work taling to homeseer


example 2

The example will change as i do more to it
hey Davyboy,

It's funny that you started a thread about this, I was testing the same thing this weekend, I would love to help out, just let me know what I can do. I was going to design a flash interface that could run full screen (640x480) and can be navigated using the arrow keys (to turn on/off devices), so I could integrate it with my home built DVR, allowing me to control the devices using my remote control and TV. Your example worked without any modifications.

Well right now probably be good to just trow ideas around. I just got started with this home automation stuff, i found this software and i fell in love man!!!LOLI dont even have anything hooked up yet, need to get some stuff ordered!!LOL But i am getting ready for it.

But any way, what i was looking to do is to start with the web interface, get things working and stuff, i am learning as i go, i know enough about php, and flash to get hurt!!!LOL. But i can uslaay figure something out after i pull my hair out a few time.
With the web interface i was thinking along the lines of several different menu options, and some user configured links. The draw back with flash can get pretty big in size. So alot of differnt moduleswe can make seperate movies and call them up when we nee them. And of course need to make up several php files to talk with homeseer with too, i would mind getting mysql involved, but that can be down the road. Any how i guess this is a start!!!lol

Talk at you later. Hey if you got a mic we could talk on ventrilo to i can set up server for that. you can down load the client or server platform from www.ventrilo.com, its a super comms program. Thats what we use or our game clan.

Do you use macromedia or swish to create your flash with?


sorry, I don't hav a mic. I installed the swish flash creator myself this weekend to play with php, looks pretty impressive. As for requirements, I would try to have it support keyboard navigation and buttons so we can use it as a touch screen interface, have it look like http://www.cinemaronline.com/mainlobbyscreenshots.html (not exactly the same, but you get where I am going), size shouldn't matter as in most cases it will be loaded from the local LAN, and eventually support configuration files so end users can create their own 'tabs' which the data they want.
As an FYI - MainLobby3 is in development and one of the huge enhancements is 2 way real time integration with Homeseer. Probably a couple of months away.
Rgr That eletron, i think i know what ya mean, and Davidl, that maybe the cause and thanks for info, but we will have fun messing around any how!!!LOL
Well after checking my options and what i am looking for out of my home automation, i decided to set up phpnuke for my web portal. So i will be still working on the flash interface for homeseer, but instead of it being stand alone, it will be a nuke mod that will work in phpnuke. Now the reason behind it is i wanted alot more than just a home automation interface, i wanted picture gallery, calendar, and a whole lot more, so that i can have family members check out site and add info and such, and because i know a little about phpnuke, set up servral of them and have wrote many mods for it. All the codes are writen already for includes and such so it makes it easier to write things up for it and easier to create the flash interface for homeseer. Another good thing about phpnuke, can set it up for groups, in other words, links to more privite stuff can be set up fro just certian people to be able to access it by way of passwords and cookies.

For thoughs of you that dont know what phpnuke is, its similar to this site, except this sight is invision, you can check my nuke site i just set up at this link-->My Site. Now the look i have can be changed by a click of a button and upload of different themes which are availible at several differnt sites.

Things you will need to set up phpnuke is as follows and is all free.

Apache Web Server--> link
php server side script--> link
Mysql Database --> link

and of course Phpnuke latest version is 7 i believe and that is what i have and am writing the flash mod for you can get phpnuke here in downloads link, which by the way is a phpnuke site its self.

And here is a good article to guide through install of all the above except phpnuke provide this will all be set up on windows op system if its unix, then have fun, cause i never had to deal with it.

Here is link to it--> Web server setup link

Now another great tool taht can be set up is myphpadmin which is for you mysql data base, it makes things so much easier when install tables and such. Which you can get that here-->link

Now for those that might be interested in the flash interface when i am done, i will make it availble. i will post later on when i get it finished


I honestly don't like PHPnuke,I ran it for a while, installed it for other sites, wrote the mods, but the code is just clumsy, so is the template system. Security holes keep popping up, so I decided to just dump it and write my own portal software (already did), and have my own gallery script too, which I will be improving soon. I am planning on running the Flash interface on my TV, so there won't be anything else on that page anyways as I will be running it full screen so it will blend in with my HTPC interface. I definitely look forward to seeing your flash code tho.
yeah nuke has its flaws, and i have had to fix some things from time to time, but what i like about it is the availability of all kinds of mods for it, and besides i'm not near a programmer of php, and when i look at like invision board compared to php nuke i get lost fast, invision board is really good, had a few of there forums on my clans site. As far as the flash, the php when i get done will be more suited for nuke, but the varibles in the flash will be able to read any thing you come up with in a stand alone type version. I will post what i have maybe tommorrow so you can check it out and stuff, the scripting in swish is alot like php. The only reason i use php to talk to flash is far as i know, flash can only read text documents or xml, so the php converts it to text for me so i can load info into the flash movie, but need, but the format would be like "&test=89&" with out qoutes and you need the "&" before and after each varible like that. so i just use a print or echo to print in all out. Anyway i will post what i have, cause i think i might have to start over going with nuke some what.

sounds good, I learnt more about how to use PHP and Flash, but would like some more pointers before I try anything, the PHP end is easy obviously. Thanks!

here is the files i have so far electron, sorry it took longer than i thought to put it up, i had a busy weekend. Now keep in mind that basically i took the homeseer mod folder i have set up in phpnuke and just ziped it, so when it call for varible file it is set up like modules/homeseer/device_stats.php. also to give you a fast run down on the flash.

K, all main movies start at level 0, you can load other movies on top of original like level1, level 2 and so on. A sprite is a movie within a movie, has its own time line and eveything and you can load a external movie or picture(jpegs or what ever) into a sprite.Its hard to figure out at first but after you do it gets easier!!Also this is a great site for information and help on swish
swish templates link.

you can see what i have so far here-->example

any way any ? i will try to answer them the best i can, here is the link to get the ziped file

zipped file