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Can I use a 600W Z-Wave dimmer on a standard fluorescent fixture if I don't dim it at all? I'm looking at Viza-RF switches and the dimmers are cheaper than relays.

Related question: Are there dimmable fluorescent tubes? I've seen dimmable fluorescent bulbs that go in standard incandescent sockets.

Using a dimmer switch on a CFL that is not dimmable. Can be a problem.
Yes they do make CFLs that dim. I have one I got from my power companies Energy saving web site. I have had varried results with tests.
On an old X10 Lamp Module it works fine; as X10 starts from bright and works down in a dim.
My Smathome Insteon ones that ramp up and down on a commend. Sometimes had problems starting them. Though setting the ramp rate to fastest, made it much better.
Dimmable CFLs are not as cheap as the standard ones and harder to find. Some of the Automation Dealers may have them. I have not looked at retailers like Lowes or Home Depot.
have not looked at retailers like Lowes or Home Depot.
As of now, neither are carrying them, at least in my area. Ditto for Walmart. I did see some at my local TrueValue hardware store though.