For W800RF32 users: Warren's new W800+ review


Wonder if you could to the wiring of that internal hall effect switch if you cracked open the case!  That would be cool as it would be getting two sensors for the price of one (if you can't use the internal switch due to wanting two contact closures, mounting restrictions, etc...).


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Actually it is a plain reed switch.
When you take the cover off to install the batteries. It is in plain sight on the Left Side of the PCB.
One screw in the center of the battery holder. Holds the PCB in the case.
You can even find the internal photos, parts lists, schematics etc. in the FCC Database.
Product Code:-DS11A
In the Details Tab.
The DS11A was FCC ID. For the one made for Radio Shacks 49-1000 Console. RS# 49-1001 D/W Sensor
Only difference between the DS11A and the DS12A is the cover on the DS11A is held on by a screw. The DS12A snaps on.
I forgot to mention when you remove the cover. It sends a Tamper message if it has batteries in it.


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I have to correct my previous message.
X10 used the FCC ID B4S-DS11A on the DS12A.
After looking at a DS12A. I noticed the PCB didn't look exactly like the PCB shown for the DS11A internal photos.
The PCB in the DS12A is a newer one and the DS11A schematic does not match the DS12A.
In the DS12A. R10 is a 100K and there is a added 2.2M pull up resistor from U1 Pin 7 {+3V} to Pin 8.
There is also a 2.2M pull up resistor from pin 2 to +3V
CN1 is the external magnetic switch input and the poorly spelled "Temper" Tamper Switch is SW1.