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Promotion code: ea200508c

FREE 2476d (Insteon Switchlinc 2 dimmer) purch over 100 dollars!

This is the best promotion Smarthome has had in quite a while! I just put in 2 separate $100+ orders to get two of these switches for free! I was so excited, that for the first time I selected 2nd day air shipping instead of the cheapest shipping. :rolleyes: ;)

Other codes for this month:

free 91345 purch over 75 dollars

free 91340 with purch over 100 dollars

free shipping purch over 200 dollars
Thanks for posting, sounds like a good deal indeed!

Btw, where in CNY are you? You are the 4th user from this area :rolleyes:
Where did these offers come from? I didn't get anything emailed from SmartHome. When do they expire? any other restrictions?
The Smarthome monthly promotions usually follow the same pattern:
eaYYYYMMa...b...c...d....(sometimes "e" also)

I usually just put something in my cart and experiment with the different possible codes for the month/quarter. I almost fell out of my chair when I put in the codes today and saw a free Insteon dimmer! Promotions are good on auction purchases also.
Well, since it doesn't have a ship date and the product isn't released, I think they goofed up a premature web link. I doubt they will honor the $0 price. <_<
Yeah, I doubt it too, but sometimes strange things happen. If you click on the 'ships' status though, it says 'week of 10/3/05', so that's a few months away.

I noticed this while browsing the insteon plug in module category. I hadn't noticed the 'appliancelinc' category before so I had a look and there it was.
Has anyone else taken advantage of this deal? If you have been hanging on the fence about buying HomeSeer, you can buy it at Smarthome right now ($135) and get a free Insteon dimmer with this discount code.

ps - I do not have any affilation with Smarthome other than being a frequent (very) customer. It's hard for me to resist their promotions and auctions... ;)
Promo code deal: yes (and Thanks!!)

I've noticed the appliancelincv2s are gone off the index again. However, the order status page for the "I wonder..." order I did shows them on backorder...