Freescale eliminates set-top box video cables.


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Freescale Semiconductor, the former chipmaking unit of Motorola, will announce today that it has developed a new set of chips aimed at allowing high-definition TV signals to be sent from a set-top box to a TV screen without the need of a connection cable or cord.

Freescale Chairman and Chief Executive Michel Mayer will announce the technology in a speech at a Freescale event in Orlando, Fla., today. He will also announce a partnership with Chinese consumer-electronics manufacturer Haier to develop a 37-inch liquid crystal display TV set using the technology.

The system will be sold with a digital media server that will include a hard drive for storing digital video, a DVD player and a TV tuner. The wireless connection between the set and the server will let consumers place the box anywhere within a range of about 60 feet from the TV. The set will debut in China before the end of this year and will hit the U.S. market in 2006.

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