Friday Night is "VIDEO CHAT" Night


We are going to try something a little different for our Friday Night Chat Session. We are going to have a "video camera" night where users can "send in" their video feeds for our membership to view.

Refer to the later posts in THIS thread for details. Skibum will host the submitted video pages for us!
Get Vision GS... It's free and pretty easy, and should work for this.

I doubt everyone is gonna get this up and running for tonight, but It will be a good time to work out some of the kinks.

Again, once you get Vision GS, setup a simple page including the applet, and anything else you want, but try and keep it more than 160x120 for the video.





<p align="center">

<APPLET codebase="http://your" code="VgsStream.class" width="160" height="120 ">
          <PARAM name="port" value="port">
          <PARAM name="device" value="1">
          <PARAM name="username" value="">
          <PARAM name="password" value="">
          <PARAM name="error" value="/error.jpg">



I'll be in the chat room, and on FWD between 8 and 8:30 to help anyone that needs assistance.
Does the webpage have to be hosted from my own PC or can it be hosted from a free webserver.

Also i have dled a Windows Encoder 9 and am trying to use it to broadcast streaming video. Its working sort of but for some reason my media player never finishes buffering. Does anyone know how to setup windows media encoder

This looks like it would be better than most applications and it would still allow us to put multiple streams on a single page. Can someone see if they can figure this out. I have to take the kids to the doctors and dont have time to play around with it.

Hope to be back in time

BTW my cam is up and running at This is where my stream is going so if you want you can try and see if you can connect with windows media player.
The more I hear.. the more I think that we'll use tonight as a getting setup session. Ill be glad to help with Media Encoder settings.
Well that sure was an interesting Chat last night! Well try and get something better going for next time..... something that does not limit to 5 connections.
Hey, it was a lot of fun. I never used the Windows Media Encoder before so I learned something as well.

Thanks for hosting the overall site Ski! Can't wait to try it again! :unsure:
Can someone (Skibum?) explain how that all worked last night? I get the encoding part. How did all of the individual streams come together for all to see? I assume this is similar to how one would show multiple cams attached to diff PCs in the house could be shown on one page?
David. What everyone did was use Windows Media Encoder to stream their audio/vid to the net. They then told Skibum what their inet URL was for their individual streams. Ski wrote a quick web page that basicly contained 6 small embedded media players, 1 for each of the streams.

The only problem they encountered was that the media encoder only allows 5 viewers, so the 6th one to show up didn't get the vid or audio.

Been messing around with a few things this morning to get over that obstacle without any luck. Will try again tomorrow. Hopefully something can be worked out by next Friday.

By the way. Windows media encoder is a free program. You should give it a try.
David did.... and I guess I don't need to make an explanation now.. :)

What could you possibly be "messing" with. WME has a hard limit of 5 connections.
Take a look at the encoder/server available from the Winamp guys - Shoutcast and the NSV format VP3 (Nullsoft Streaming Video). It's open source and can run on Windows or Linux. I have a Shoutcast server here but limited DSL bandwidth up. Should also be easy to set up, too. Use Winamp to play the streams (A/V).