fujitsu 3400 ir usage


I just purchased a few Fujitsu 3400 systems. I noticed the IR port on the front.

Is it possible to use this IR to control items like a TV, Stereo etc or do these items work on a diff frequency?

Or am I just crazy and have been watching too many movies/sci fi channel?


I think that is for communication with local devices (it was intended originally for printers and such if I remember correctly. Bottom line though, it was not intended to be a remote and will not have the range you are looking for (at least I very much don't think so).

I think I've only seen it used once to sync with a palm years back from a few inches.
I have two Fujitsu 3500 touchscreens. I have been unable to get the one Fujitsu IR keyboard to work with either (yes- batteries are new :unsure: ). I am running XP Pro (on both), and have fooled with the BIOS settings some.

I have "Googled", but not found much success how to get the IR keyboard to be recognized by the 3500. From what I have read on some other boards, the IR keyboad should "just be recognized" after a reboot (once keys are pressed).

If anyone knows a trick to making these things "see" the IR keyboard, please post.

If you have a Fuijistu 3400/3500 and the IR keyboard IS recognized, please tell us you BIOS and Windows settings.
Nice. I hadn't seen that. I assumed it was the ir port that was put on almost every laptop. I haven't looked recently to see if they are still on them.

Does anyone have the Fujitsu IR keyboard working with a 3400/3500 and with what version of Windows???

I have two 3500's with XP Pro on each.....keyboard just doesn't seem to be recognized. Ideas???
I use it with XP Home and it worked out of the box (used from ebay and I bought the keyboard later). it might need a driver? Did you check the Fujitus website?
I have checked the Fujitsu website and many other places. To my (limited) knowledge, there is no driver for the keyboard (I hope you tell me different).

What else can you tell me (driver details etc) about the IR keyboard from the XP device manager? I really hope I am overlooking something easy.....but I can't get it to work.
Did you go into control panel and check under wireless link? There is a driver for the infared port. Mine is 5.1.2250.2 which is an xp driver so its from Microsoft as part of windows.

Could also be a hardware problem.
Yep, I have the same driver.

I guess after a reboot your tablet just "reconizes" local IR trafic and locks onto the keybard as a device (that is how I heard it is supposed to work)?

I guess I have a bad keyboard :rolleyes: looks in excellent condition.