Fujitsu stylistic 3400


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Hi can anyone help

I have just bought a Fujitsu stylistic 3400 of ebay and I cant get it to recognize an external cd rom can anyone explain how to instal an OS I started to instal from an external hard drive but it has froze and now I cant even get it back to win98. If anyone can help I would be very grateful
Watch at the boot screen (before trying to boot into the OS) to see what is the key that jumps into the BIOS setup. Sometimes this is F2, F10 or Del key.

Once there you should have a menu to setting up the boot order. Check if it lets you boot from USB (is your CDROM USB based?). If not, you will have to see if there is BIOS upgrade available for booting up from USB. Other option is checking eith the manufacturer what are the options. There must be something for booting from CDROM. Probably a proprietary interface.
Its been awhile since I did mine.... it will not boot from a USB CDROM drive. I used a floppy drive compatible with the 3400 and a CDROM backpack (parallel port) drive. The floopy had the drivers to mount the CDROM and boot to DOS. I installed Win2K on mine (the drivers are on the Fujitsu website). The system is too old to use the USB under DOS. Only after you get Win2K on it will that work. The 3400 I bought came with the floppy and CDROM for that very reason.

One other way that might work (I did it with my 510's) is to use an IDE adapter ($5) and hook the hard drive up to a desktop PC. Format the drive with /S and then create a dual partition. I then copied the entire Windows CD onto the second partition along with all the drivers I needed (all unzipped). When you put the drive back into the 3400 it should boot to a C: prompt and then change directories to the D: and run setup.exe from there.

The IDE connector is what I did as well, just keep in mind that if you launch the installer from DOS, that you make sure smartdrive is loaded, or it can take up to 12 hours to install XP (no kidding).