Girder 4 Beta now public!


If any of you guys/girls are looking for the most versatile and reasonably priced home automation software out there (to my knowledge), check out the new Girder (4). The beta just went public, and I must say it's very impressive.

Here's a link:

I've been using version 3 for a while now and I'm just wondering if anyone here has any experience with Girder 4. Thanks.
I saw the download link yesterday when I was downloading NetRemote, but I forgot to post the announcement. Thanks for the reminder, and welcome to CocoonTech, hopefully you'll like it around here!
Hey Quixote! Welcome to CT... always happy to see other girder users around here :D

I have played around with G4 for a bit now, but I havent really put it through its paces, as I don't have a machine (and other HA interfaces) that I can dedicate to testing :-( and G3 has been purring along nicely for me for quite some time now.

As for me... Ill be upgrading to Pro and grabbing a netremote license taboot (now that there is some integration).

All and all, I have to give props to Ron and Mike C. for all their hard work on this project!

Edited: The "Lite" version will take care of my concern with users that just want to control some apps via remote control. I just came across a thread in the Beta forum which discusses this throughly along with the upgrade path for registered users.
Too clarify....

1. There will be a Lite version of Girder 4 that does not include all plugins but will still have enough functionality for doing program control and other basic tasks. This version will be availabe before the end of the beta period.

2. During the beta period, G4 (full version) will be availabe for $75 which is $25 off the list price. This is for new users and current G3.3 users.

3. After the beta, G4 will be priced at $100. There will be a 10% discount for existing G3.3 users.

4. There is a Girder whole home license for users requiring more than 1 copy. This will also be discounted 10% for existing G3.3 users.

The pricing of G4 reflects the costs of developing and producing this incredibly feature rich and powerful automation package. The pricing is is better or competitive with competing products with less features and is a small fraction of the cost that we have all invested in our home theaters and automation hardware.

Here is a link to a screen shot using the scheduler from the action tree.


The early scheduler documentation is posted below. As Ron mentioned above, we will have a complete and professional help file/manual for G4. The beta's already include an early example.


Scheduler Object

Sched = scheduler.Create(string [eventstring], [number [devicenumber]])

A scheduler object has one eventstring and device number associated with it. The scheduler object has a few methods.

res, error = Shed:Start() -- res = TRUE on success, nil on error.
res, error = Shed:Stop() -- res = TRUE on success, nil on error.
res, error = Shed:RemoveTask(number taskid) -- res = TRUE on success, FALSE on Task not found, nil on error.
res, error = Shed:Clear() -- res = TRUE on success, nil on error.
list, error = Shed:ListProperties() -- list = a table on success and nil on error.

Every Scheduler object can have many Tasks. Tasks are the guts of the scheduler, they tell it when to fire this event. All possible tasks are listed below.

taskid, error = Shed:HourTask(number [Every], number [Minute], [number [Repeat]], [timetable [begin]], [timetable [end]])
taskid, error = Shed:DayTask(number [Every], number [Hour], number [Minute], [number [Repeat]], [timetable [begin]], [timetable [end]])
taskid, error = Shed:DayOfWeekTask(number [Every],number [DayOfWeek] number [Hour], number [Minute], [number [Repeat]], [timetable [begin]], [timetable [end]]) (Sunday = 0, Monday = 1, and so on)
taskid, error = Shed:DayOfMonthTask(number [Every],number [DayOfMonth] number [Hour], number [Minute], [number [Repeat]], [timetable [begin]], [timetable [end]])
taskid, error = Shed:SunsetTask(number [Every], number [Latitude], number [Longitude], [number [Repeat]], [timetable [begin]], [timetable [end]])
taskid, error = Shed:SunriseTask(number [Every], number [Latitude], number [Longitude], [number [Repeat]], [timetable [begin]], [timetable [end]])

For all of these [Every] means 'every X intervals' for example, if you choose DayTask, entering 2 for every will mean that this event is fired every other day. Starting today or [begin]. [Repeat] specifies how many times this event should be fired after now or [begin]. The timetable is a table that is defined as follows.

timetable = {

To setup an event that fires every second sunset, say for your irrigation system use this code.

-- To make sure that after a system restart we do not accidentally keep watering
-- tell the scheduler about the begin date, this will be used to determine the
-- days to water, not needed if you water every day.
begin.Day = 1
begin.Month = 1
begin.Year = 2005
begin.Hour = 12
begin.Minute = 0

WaterScheduler = scheduler.Create('StartWatering')

Location = gir.GetLocation()

WaterScheduler:SunsetTask(2, Location.Latitude, Location.Longitude, scheduler.INFINITE, begin)

--uncomment me if you want to check on the tasks.
--list = WaterScheduler:ListProperties()
Also, for those who want weather retrieval, this is included with G4.
Can be used for local display using Girder's new OSD or sent to other G clients or NR clients on your network.

electron said:
I saw the download link yesterday when I was downloading NetRemote, but I forgot to post the announcement.  Thanks for the reminder, and welcome to CocoonTech, hopefully you'll like it around here!
Thanks for your hospitality. I've been checking this site sporadically for a little while now and I figured it's about time that I register. I look forward to participating in the conversations in the future.

Hi Mike & Treetop!