Glass break detector


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I have what may be a silly question. I have been wiring a 'shed' that is attached to the house behind the garage. There is a window that has two moving parts (top and bottom). I have two contacts on it for security and had a few of these glass break detectors:

My question is, these work only on the window they are placed on right? So in this case I would need to install one on both the top and lower windows to properly protect this from glass breakage, right?

I would most likely use other types of glass break detectors inside, but I had these already and I'm not as concerned about them being on the window and the wiring is easier.
Yes. Those need to be on each separate pane that is in its own frame. If you use one like this it can be mounted on the outer frame of the window and should pick up the shock from either separate pane.
Thank you. I already had a few of these, so I will use them.

I have to do some more planning and research for the ones inside though (which I was considering the ones that protect an area versus a particular window).