Going w/ Zigbee over Z-wave.. any thoughts?

elmerbug1 said:
I'm building a home in the southern Philippines and am running into a Catch-22:
1) If I want to use Z-Wave, I can't seem to find light switches/dimmers that are 220V 60Hz
2) If I want to use Zigbee, I can find 220V 60Hz switches and dimmers, but they are meant for Euro electrical boxes.  Philippines uses US standard boxes.
I'd prefer to use all Zigbee, but Z-Wave would be ok as well.  Any advice for me?
If you're building the house, are you sure you can't source some Euro boxes?  Might be special order, but they're used in Singapore and other countries in the region.


Been playing a bit with the Securfi Almond + lately. 
Got a preview of the Zigbee trinkets store a few weeks back.  Not sure yet if it is for public consumption.  Maybe it is now.
That said endeavor is global in multiple countries such that there you will see plenty of Zigbee switches that will work for you where you live.
The Almond + is a combination router, firewall, switch, Gb wireless and automation hub with a built in touchscreen that speaks Zigbee and Z-Wave automation today. (tomorrow maybe a bit more).
You can also "reach up" and touch the Almond Plus in the cloud via whatever console device tickles your fancy (cell phone / tablet like).
It is a bigger than a microrouter (cigarette pack size) but smaller than the typical off the shelf combo router (well sans automation).


Great stuff, thanks.  I can't go with Euro boxes; the house is already mostly built.  Also, I've looked extensively for both Z-Wave and Zigbee light switches & dimmers, but no-one has products that meet all the requirements:
1) 220v 60Hz
2) US-type single-gang metal boxes