Gun Turret Video


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Ok, there were a few threads about how even with a security system, you or the cops may not get there in time. So I talked about a USB gun turret, I have two days into the project now and have released a video.

I was so happy with the project, I have ordered new servos and brackets already to upgrade the project. I have just coded a quick windows app to run the Turret, but will be converting it to a web app in a few days.

Of course I plugged Cocoontech a couple times in the video... So watch my new video and let me know what you thing.

Gun Turret Video

That is impressive... for those of us who are happy when we can get a computer to work at all... let alone control something...all I can say is wow...

I doubt my wife would let me mount weapons on the walls, my decorating taste gives her nightmares just because I want a deer head over the fireplace.

The only other thing you might consider is some type of mechanical stop, so that as you are pivoting the weapon, it doesn't turn back towards you will test firing...
you might want to check into the legalities of such a device before you start espousing its virtues... especially if someone were to hack into your computer and gain control of your remote control firearm.
Wow that is impressive.

However, I'd have to live in a really bad neighborhood to consider something like that! :ph34r:
How about use a paintball gun and use a nonwashable paint. Sort of like the dye packs the banks use. Non lethel but at least you will be able to identify the bad guy.
Awesome, thanks everyone. I am glad I got the Cocoontech plugs in there!

Anyways, I read Engadget everyday and always wanted to be on there =)

Now I am inspired to mount an M60 version =) Only an extra $300 that my kids were gonna use for school.... heheh just playing, if I had kids, I would not be making crap like this =D

Vaughn, This is very cool. You really ought to set it up in a contained, safe environment with targets and make it available on-line like some of the cams. I think you could charge for this...Just be sure to turn it off when you're changing targets. :ph34r:
WOW. That looks like a lot of fun. However I fear the legal ramifications of such a device :ph34r:

I'll take one with the 7.62MM upgrade please :)