HAI announces support for Russound and Nuvo audio


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HAI Announces Support of Russound and Nuvo Multi-Room Audio

HAI, the leading manufacturer of home control systems since 1985, announced today that it will be supporting multi-room audio systems by both Nuvo and Russound via its top of the line OmniPro II home control system and OmniTouch touchscreen interface providing integration of home automation and audio functions.

The support of Nuvo’s Concerto and Russound’s CAV 6.6 audio systems will be demonstrated at HAI’s booth and at the NextGen 05 Demonstration Home during CES with product shipping at the end of January, 2005. Upgrade chips will be available for OmniPro II and OmniTouch products currently in use.

The OmniPro II is HAI’s sixth generation controller and debuted at the CES show in 2001. It includes UL-Listed security, HVAC and lighting control for energy management, and the ease of telephone and Internet access and control. Additionally it features a built-in Ethernet port making control and monitoring features of the system available to any device on the home data network with a standard web browser, like computers, PDAs and web-tablets.

The OmniTouch is a colorful “plug and play†touchscreen interface. Its responsive icons facilitate control of lights and small appliances, monitoring and adjustments of security and temperatures, including outdoor temperature and humidity, pool and spa temperatures, ventilation, decorative lighting and other items under control of the Omni-family system.

For the Russound and Nuvo products, the OmniTouch can be used to control on/off, volume, muting, and source selection for each of the audio zones. Additionally audio zones can be controlled by “OmniPro II modes†such as preset volume and lighting levels for “party†mode or outside speakers and lights turn off with “night†or “away†modes.

All HAI products are sold through its worldwide network of Distribution Partners and installed by over 1000 trained dealers. For more information on HAI’s award-winning product line, please call (800) 229-7256 or visit http://www.homeauto.com.