HAI Omnitouch Pro and Automation studio


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HI guys,
I am after some guidance regarding the following and I apologize if this has been discussed in length before, but I can not seem to find any support online anywhere for this problem.
I have an OPII ( and my centralised control mechanism for all my security/audio/video etc. is via a windows 7 Media Centre PC running a 17inch monitor in the kitchen that has been converted to a capacitive touchscreen. I used to run HAI Home Controls in XP media centre but have upgraded to 7 due to a number of reasons. I have just bought a single license of the Omnitouch Pro software and loaded it onto the W7 machine ( It has been configured and works with the OPII controller no worries.
I have Automation Studio running on my office computer ( and I have regularly changed the GUI/template on a 5.7e touchscreen ( via AS without any problems.
My issue is, how do I customize the OTP software that is running on the W7 machine via AS running on another PC? I just can not see anywhere in AS to point it to the software itself.
I have created a new project and added a touchscreen that is setup as an Omnitouch Pro Device (1). I have entered the controller IP address ( and its key with the port left as default.
Under the network options, I have entered the IP address of the W7 computer running the software ( and left that port as default. I know this is where the breakdown is and I don't understand how to point it to the OTP software.
The only thought I had was seeing that it is a 3rd party device, do I have to create a new template in AS, save it, and somehow copy that template from the office PC and paste it into a particular folder within the OTP directory that is running on the W7 machine as opposed to a network upgarde that is done for a 5.7e?
When I attempt to "Update Touchscreens" it shows the device as disconnected. If I select Update it idles and then states "No Host". I get this as it is looking for a "normal HAI " IP device not a windows machine.
Again, the default OTP software is running and working on my W7 machine fine.
I am lost as how to achieve this and would greatly appreciate some feedback.
Many thanks,
Win 7 firewall is likely blocking the connection.
Try turning off the firewall and see if it will connect.
If it does you need to define a tunnel in the firewall to that IP address.
Hi Desert
Thank you for the prompt reply. I will investigate this.
So what I have configured so far is all that needs to be done within AS? i.e. Only enter the IP address of the machine running the software and leave the default port as 4370. Automation studio will then see software running on the address of the windows machine (as long as the firewall permits?
I could see anywhere within the setup of OTP to alter the communications port which I thought may have been an issue.
Hi Desert,
You were spot on. Firewall issue it was. I appreciate you taking the time to provide some help.
BTW, touch screen is just a 17inch PC monitor running directly from my windows media centre computer. Nothing special. I pulled the casing off and built into my wall and had a brushed stainless surround made up. Touch is achieved by a 5 wire touch panel I got from ebay for $70.
I had a lot of issues initial with different panels saw, 4 wire, usb etc. I eventually installed a gefen rs232 extender to run the panel about 15 meters from the media centre PC and it runs pretty good now.
The windows 7 drivers for the panel seem to make it a little more responsive as well.
Glad you made it work.
That Win firewall has bitten me more than once already, you'd think I'd learn.  :)
Thanks for the info.
I was looking at fanless panel PC all-in-ones - $2500!!!
I'm looking for something a little larger than my 5.7e for my main TS.
Maybe a touchscreen monitor and a Nettop computer to drive it...
The TS works well for me. My system is not as lavish compared to many other setups but works for me and within my budget. Screen cost me nothing as we use them for CCTV installs, touch panel was $70 and the bezel cost me $150 to have fabricated.
I haven't upgraded my cameras my to IP just yet for a number of reasons so the monitor (having BNC IN) works well for my analogue cameras aswell.
I also run an xantech IR unit so when someone comes to the front door and presses the modified door bell, the OPII has an output to input on the xantech box that sends an IR command to the TS which is AV input then Channel 1 on DVR (being the front door camera). The only bugger is I don't have a discrete ON code for the TS in the instance where I have turned it off by remote. 
Like I said, not the most elaborate interface system but as I use media center for my movies, music etc. and this is my gateway to my entire system it works for me and coupled with a normal, everyday panel is a very affordable solution. Maybe one day I might switch to all Ipads but running a centralized PC (even if it is MS) has many benefits. All I know is I that I won't buy another 5.7e. Way to expensive for what it does, but not as much as $2500.00!