Missing Files for Automation Studio


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Hi All

It has been awhile since posting a thread since the Knowledge Base days on HAI's Forum.
I have a licensed copy of Automation Studio which it seemed was intended for a target model, 10" tablet/7" touchscreen. It allows design for 5.7e and 600x800 10P tablet/7" touchscreen. My problem is the uploader program for the 5.7e has not been included. I can design but not upload my designs to my touchscreens. Tablet uploader is included and works OK. Would anyone be able to share the file "OmniTouchPro57e.exe" and /or related files in the HAI\Automation Studio\Engine\ folder if you have? I even tried to modify the filename for the 10P to 5.7. It comms and loads the file which just corrupts the 5.7e.

Much thanks