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  1. O

    Door Station with OmniPro II and OmniTouch 7 Screen

    Hi, I'm trying to configure the communication of the Leviton Door Station INDS1-00S with the OmniTouch 7 screens over OMNIPro II. I succeeded to have the Door Station calling internal or external telephone numbers, as it seems that it got successfully registered with the SIP server (FritzBox)...
  2. C

    Missing Files for Automation Studio

    Hi All It has been awhile since posting a thread since the Knowledge Base days on HAI's Forum. I have a licensed copy of Automation Studio which it seemed was intended for a target model, 10" tablet/7" touchscreen. It allows design for 5.7e and 600x800 10P tablet/7" touchscreen. My problem...
  3. D

    HAI Touchscreen Designer templates

    As Cocoontech is becoming a repository for all things HAI related...... It would be helpful if some volunteers would post some of their HAI Touchscreen Designer templates. I found it a pain to start from scratch. It would be nice to see what others have done and pickup a few tips. Thanks, @dwalt
  4. D

    Can you 3D print this?

    Hi All, I have one of these and wonder how hard it would be to 3D print a few. The HAI 5.7 touchscreen table mount - 32A12-1. Its on page 36 of the 2007 HAI product catalog. Don't know how easy it is to 3D print a curve like this has.
  5. M

    Omnitouch 7 trouble

    I purchased a used Omnitouch 7 after one of my original 3 Omnitouch 7 stopped working. I could not find a new one for sale. I have a Omnipro II controller with 2 other Omnitouch 7s which are working well. The used Omnitouch 7 has firmware v1.930 installed and kernel v1.2. When I try installing...
  6. S

    5.7E won't boot up completely

    Hi everyone! I have a 5.7e touchscreen that stopped working and now won't complete a reboot. I tried updating the firmware with a usb but it doesn't work. Any advice on next steps or things to try? Thank you!
  7. pete_c

    Levition-HAI Omnitouch Pro Software Leviton News

    Here have been using HAI Omnitouch Pro Windows software on a couple of Windows Embedded tabletop touchscreens for years now.   I only had two licenses for two touchscreens that I purchased many many years ago.   Over the years embedded VLC, Squeezebox player and other software in Homeseer touch...