HAI Automation Studio GUI for Windows 8?


Hopefully, this is quick question... I just wanted to make sure that the HAI Automation Studio (HAI 1126) works for what I want to do, before spending a few hundred bucks buying it.
I wanted to make a GUI to control my HAI OPII. I want to run this on a touchscreen PC (specifically, a Microsoft Surface Pro) running Windows 8. Is it true that I can create a GUI using HAI Automation Studio that would run on the Windows 8 touchscreen PC?
You'll need the OmniTouch Pro executable to run on the device too.
Automation Studio is just the design software.
Ah I see... I guess it's HAI 1131...
Can anyone verify that it works on Windows 8.1? The specs say that it only supports up to Win7. And this post doesn't list HAI 1131 as being tested.
Ever since their web site got ported to Leviton, I can't seem to be able to find anything any more.