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Happy New year


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This is a little late, but it's still Jan. 1st so I don't feel so bad.

Happy New Year, all (or at least those of you that are recovered enough to read this)!


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Yep, happy new year.

So fess up - who else was partying the cocoon way and spending midnight doing HA/HT stuff? I was partying from 10pm->4am rebuilding my HT machine. (advanced setup, took me quite a bit of time to get it all right as I'd never done something that complex before)


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Yea, it is now official. January has officially been declared "National Hangover day"!


Happy New Year everyone, man... I never realized the keys on the keyboard were so loud! :)

Oh By the way:

I was partying from 10pm->4am rebuilding my HT machine.

I personally find it too nerve racking to play with anything electrical when there are fireworks and guns going off! :blink: