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I have a well functioning NX 8E installed in my house and would like to expand the system to include a new garage/studio build 200 feet away. I have purchased an NX 320E, a cabinet, sensors and a keypad. Looking for some expert guidance on the wiring connections back to the main panel and the overall install. More than happy to pay for your time.
It's pretty straight forward although I think some aspects weren't entirely clear in the documentation. I installed CAT 5 cable and doubled up the wires using each pair as a single conductor. Put surge protectors at each end of the run between buildings. What specific questions do you have? What's your experience level? Did you install the NX8E? Do the programming yourself?
Thanks for getting back to me. I did not install the NX8E or program it and have no experience with this line of equipment.

I’m roughed in with 3 smokes in a daisy chain back to the mech room along with home runs for each door, heat and motion sensor. I ran a conduit back to the main house with 2 cat 5 runs and 2 18g x 4 wire runs.

I have a NX1820E keypad for the new building.

My install questions:

1) Do I run the new smoke chain back to the COSMOD at the main panel?
2) What connections need to be made between the NX8E and NX320E ?

Since I have no programming experience, I‘m trying to find someone who can help with that. Happy to pay for consulting time.
Best way IMHO is to do an expansion board (forget the number - I can look it up) in the garage and hook any door sensors and smokes to that. I suppose you could run all the sensors to the main panel if you have extra zones there.
I thought that the NX320 would function as the expansion board and power the local keypad etc. I guess I could swap the NX320 for NX216E (?) and install that in the garage. Same questions on connections back to COSMOD and main panel. I do want a smoke alarms in garage to trigger the main house as well.
Mind giving a basic overview of your system? What are the boards in your house panel and zones? What zones planned for the garage (fire, doors, motion, etc). Just looking for how many zones are used and how many are available on the panel. The NX320 will power the keypad but doesn't give expansion. You can power the keypad from the house data bus or from the NX320 - either way works. If you have both I would put NX320 and NX 216 in the garage - that's what I had until the NX320 failed.
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Garage will have 3 doors, 3 smoke, 1 heat, 1 combustible gas, 1 motion, 1 keypad.
The house panel has 40+ zones, 2 keypads and a COSMOD2W wired to an NX8E and 2 expansion boards.