HDMI matrix switch


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I actually still rock an XBox 360... I also don't use the headsets. Not really an online-shooter kind of guy. That being said... controllers totally work in pretty much every room. Living room, it's not trustable, but works everywhere else. I think it helps that we have a 2 story home, and the location of the rack in the media room is basically the middle of the second floor.
I AM concerned about the XBoxOne controller (assuming I eventually go that way). If the controller can operate 'wired' I'm good. There's Cat6 in every room. I'm actually wondering about the controller dongle they sell for using with Windows. XBoxOne basically runs windows... so what if you run a USB extender along the Cat5/6 into another room and plug in that Windows adapter? No one seems to be able to tell me if it will work or not.


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Yes, the 360 had great range.  The One does not.  
Such that you really need to have the Xbox console in the front of the room, not in a rack at the back.  There's a thread on this over at avs.  
Short answer, there's no cheap way to extend the USB.  At least not for the Xbox One with a Kinect.  I don't know that anyone's tried extending USB for just the controllers over CAT5.  I would not hold hope.
What's also known is the XBox wireless dongle, designed to allow using the controllers on a PC, will NOT work on the console itself.  So you can't extend USB and put one of those on it.  The Xbox itself does not support using it, neither in a local port nor extended.
When we do the theater I'm planning on putting a front-of-the-room cabinet/small rack just for video gaming.  If just to avoid having kids going anywhere near the main rack.  Best to keep grubby hands away from that kind of stuff.