Help Needed For HAI Installation


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My Omni Pro 2 board failed a month ago and Leviton replaced the board. The board came back completely blank which is probably standard procedure but the backup of my system settings was on an old PC that died years ago and I never made a new backup. I know...
Leviton support have told me they cannot support me by phone (I'm in Ireland) and that I should take their entire installer course which isn't practical. The other option they gave me was to contact the original installer, but they no longer install or support Leviton or HAI products and haven't for years. 
So now I'm between a rock and a hard place. I have a blank system and nothing is working, alarms, touch screens etc. I'm fairly computer savvy but I just need to get the basics setup, I can do the rest.
The bottom line is, I'm looking for an HAI installer who can set the basics up (for a fee of course) on my 'dealer PC access' file, based on the setup I have which I can give details on.
There is nothing unusual about it. I have a centralite system, a Russound CAV 6.6 system, one expansion enclosure, one speaker microphone module and one 64 zone wireless receiver. 
The PC is communicating with the board, uploading, downloading etc, it's just the settings in the Dealer PC access for my particular system I'm trouble with.
If anyone is interested in the work, please let me know.
Many Thanks


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Keep us posted on progress.  An international project like this would be nice to see come together via online forums.