Home automation/Security Design


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I'm looking for someone to do a complete system design. Come up with all the components I need to buy for a new home install. What to wire and where based off my plans, that type thing.
I have building plans I want to make changes to before construction starts if necessary. I'd like to prepare for home AV, automation, security, automatic blinds. It would be nice to have the install done by the same person but may not be necessary. I'm in Delaware.
It would be great to hear from some active forum members that love doing this type of stuff.
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Pick a GC that knows how to do LV wiring or let you subcontract a LV cable person.
The art of this stuff is that it is still rather new and what you want to do is also wire your high voltage stuff for automation readiness.
During a home build here penciled in on a drawing the additional cabling needed in a new home build.
Contractor was pleasant and let me see a couple of other homes that he was adding LV cabling too.
He gave me a price for my adds.  Personally then just asked him for a window of 3-4 days to do my own cabling which I did.
The GC also had subcontracted an alarm company for alarm panel prewire which helped me a great deal as all of the doors and windows were low voltage wired.  Only changes I made was that the alarm company had initially wanted to wire to a master bedroom closet.  I had the GC build a new wiring closet in the middle of the home laundry room and changed all wiring to said closet.  I did stop the telephone guy from daisy chaining the telephone wires with cat5e at the time and had him run single cables from every telephone outlet to the closet.  (around 1999-2000).  On another build GC did state he would let me do or subcontract for the LV build out.  That said though he messed up right from the get go and the build was canceled.