Home Automation - the home will outlast its brain - then what ?


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Frunple said:
Like I said, NO confusion here.
Keep thinking your way.
Did you have some  point you wanted to make?  I am not following it.
WiFi 6 is being upgraded to WiFi 6E in newer routers now.


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TristateUser said:
BTW, why do you need Tbps speed network for home automation, except for video surveillance?  A QoS guarantee in the order of 10s or 100s of milliseconds in latency will suffice, right?  That should be easily achievable with a relatively slow speed *dedicated* network with only sensors and switches.  The google Nest Protect (smoke/CO alarm) is using such a dedicated network to talk with other monitors in house; interestingly even the wired version of Nest Protect is not using the common interconnect yellow wire.
The same reason  anybody would want 100mbps Ethernet, or more than 64Kbps WAN download speed. How fast do you need to download a webpage or move a TeraByte of data files to another storage location?
People always want more and they are getting it as the market become accustomed to paying for it and it also gets more feasible and available. Users don't want to wait 36 hours to move data and a household of people all streaming different UHD movies don't like pixelated video and sound hiccoughs. We always want more and we want it wirelessly,...
     ...because we can.  :D
The more devices you have on your LAN WiFi, the more the bandwidth capability is shared among those devices. Older WiFi styles can get very slow when you have 100 devices splitting the bandwidth.


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So I have been using Martin Jerry switches and flashing them with tasmota utilizing tuya convert.
The switches are dirt cheap.  With devicegroups I can now control switches like a three way dimmer for the same price as a regular switch.  Its quite effective and works really well.  With that said I have  A LOT of wifi clients.  It could become a problem.  I've utilized several nodemcu and esp's for monitoring "things".  I have an enclosure I built to control and monitor my garage doors.  It works really well - but drops on and off the network a lot.  I've put an AP IN the closet with it - but it doesn't really help all that much.  
I also installed some ESP's to monitor temperature and humidity and installed an ESP to allow my family to control the garage doors with buttons and have lights next to those buttons to know the state of the garage door.  I had this all crammed in a single gang box but then I pulled it out and put it in a closet with some 22/12 wiring running to the switches.  
I utilize Home Assistant as the aggregation point.
Interestingly enough I left my HAI Omnipro in my old house.  I found a vendor to support it and provided their info to the new owners.  That vendor contracts me regularly with questions.
Lastly, I installed wiring for an entire smoke./co2 detectors and with that added some door sensors and motions sensors and bought an Elk M1.  Its hanging on the wall but still haven't fired it up.  Smokes aren't here - but Im not really looking forward to the incessant beeping every time the door opens :). Its been peaceful not having that going on here.