Home made rain gauge - finished!


Well, earlier this year I said I'd do it:

So here's a few pictures of the rain gauge in testing:

This one shows the whole thing with 1-wire counter board under a small glass dome sealed onto a perspex base. The base has adjustable feet to make sure it's level. You can see the funnel filled with black goo to make the drops fall into the right place in the buckets.

And this shows the inside... well sort of anyway - it rained about 10 mins before I posted this! The bucket is made of a thin brass sheet very very very carefully balanced.

More pictures of the inside parts before assembly here:

And finally, since it has just rained, here's the graph to show it working!

Those viewing more than 24h later might see a blank graph if there's no rainfall in the last 24 hours.

Ahh the fun you can have with 1-wire ;)