Homeseer 2.0 Ready for Release?


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Homeseer Technologies has released HS 2.0. I know many of you are testing the beta, and there are many others waiting for a stable reliable release.

I would like to know if you think HS 2.0 is stable and reliable..."ready for primetime"
I've purchased, but not installed the upgrade, and am still hapilly running 1.7.

I voted "no." even though I know some users are having few-to-no issues. The reason I voted "no" is becuase V 2.0 is noe FOR SALE on the HS site, which means if I am a new user and download the trial and/or purchase today, I may be discouraged by bugs. Then again, a new user that will use little-to-no plugins and not have to deal with converting a 1.7 config, may have a really smooth setup without any probelms.

So, maybe "Yes" as a fresh install and "No" as an upgrade.

I'll vote yes a couple of weeks after I install 2.0 and have everything worked out.
Wow it really surprised me about the results.

The only issue I have now is I can't run it as a service with Way2Call. The last 2-3 versions have been great for me.

It is not that big of a deal for me.

I wish the ones who voted No would say why that is.

The only thing that concerned me is the latest upgrade policy. After 30 days is something like 99.95. I think that is only forcing people to upgrade that may be considering it.
Whoever voted "yes", please explain your vote. Maybe we all missed something?

EDIT: Brian, so you voted "yes"? You weren't discouraged by all the bug reports on the HST board? You weren't worried that build 47,48,49,50 all seemed to have significant issues for many users? You weren't worried that HST released build 51 before even letting it out as beta?

I am worried that many new customers or customers interested in upgrading might give it a try, have issues that they don't have the time, desire or skills to resolve and give up on it. That would be bad for HST's bottom line.
Yes it was me. I think they pushed it because of HS customers gettign tired of the wait.

Everything works in the latest version that I use 1951. I had a few plugins like Elk that had issues with earlier builds but it was solved by a beta veriosn mark sent me. HS is responsive in everything I have it do. My setup is not nearly complex as others as I've moved things over to my Elk M1.

I've not had issue like I've seen others have posted. Knock on Wood!
I truely doubt they will make current owners pay $99 for the upgrade just because they have waited. If they do most will just not upgrade and it will be HST that hurts in the long run.

Well since I still have 6 help desk tickets open I am going to say that it is no where near ready for release and I will be waiting until about the 25 day before i make my decision to purchase it. I'm starting to think that maybe money invested into proven hardware would be a better way to go. The only thing keeping me with HS is the fact that I have 20+ Z-wave devices that have cost me a small fortune and I am not ready to part with them yet. I am probably going to be one of those few who buy HS2 now just in case so I dont have to pay the higher price later.

I bet the premature release pisses alot of people off though.
I voted NO. There are still serious problems with the speaker app, and as squintz mentioned I have 4 open trouble tickets in for about a week with no response. Granted, some of the problems are small and not really critical, but the speaker app situation is hugh. I have to restart HS to get the service back, and this happens 15 to 20 times a day.

I'm sure the premature release is purely motivated by finances. As companies grow as Homeseer has, Revenue seems to take precidence over a reliable product and customer staisfaction.

Just my 2 cents.
Squintz said:
I am probably going to be one of those few who buy HS2 now just in case so I dont have to pay the higher price later.
Squintz, I think that is what the MAJORITY of users will be doing, at least the power users.
It sounds to me like the pay check are due and HS doesnt have enough money to pay the 50 million employees they hired to get this thing finished. I think they should of worded it different. I think you should have been able to pay $40 now to purchase the upgrade ahead of time before it was released. Atleast then you know that you are not being forced to buy a product that is crap.
Squintz said:
I think you should have been able to pay $40 now to purchase the upgrade ahead of time before it was released. Atleast then you know that you are not being forced to buy a product that is crap.
huh? you HAVE been able to purchase HS2 keys for about a week before it was released. And how does doing that prevent "being forced to buy a product that is crap"?
I already bought 2.0 only because of the early bird price, but I haven't tried it yet. And I probably won't try it until they work out a few more issues. I use the Way2Call, so per the release notes, that basically excludes me from 1951. Based on what I'm reading on the board, I'm also not convinced that my necessary plugins will work. I have evolved to a reliable working HA system with 1.7 and WAF demands that implementing 2.0 at least maintains all existing functionality. So if I can't really use 2.0, why waste my time.

So I would say no, it's not ready for "release" as long as it is still a step backwards for existing users. However, I assume that HS figured that new users will have lower expectations and will probably do just fine with it. The only ones who will be disillusioned are existing users - but they have 1.7 and besides, they should know better.

I guess that people (both HS and existing users) are just too darn impatient - they can't help it, it's just human nature. Anyone who's been following the 2.0 saga knows that HS had relentless pressure from users and apparently they caved. I think we all know that it's really still BETA for existing users.

However, I do take minor issue with the fact that the early bird upgrade price will likely expire well before a viable beta is available for all existing users. But then again, there are worse injustices out there.

Sorry guys I was being rushed away from my desk and didnt finish my above post. Basically what I was saying is that it should have remain in beta and the option to purchase while in beta should have remained for the people who felt that they wanted to support the product. It sounds like to me that not enough people were supporting it so HomeSeer decided to force them to support it now. The product is not stable. In fact I just got an e-mail reply to one of my help tickets saying that the Z-wave issue of not polling properly is being looked at and they "hope" that the next software release from Zynsys will solve the polling problems. Basically this is a know issue and if software has known issues it should be fixed before releasing it from beta. Basically they are selling you software that they know is broke.

Would you buy a bike for you child for Xmas if you knew it was broke? Now what if the dealer told you that he would sell the broken $100 bike to you for $40 and promised to fix it once he had the parts. Then he proceeded to tell you he not sure when he would have the parts but he will fix it. You child would be really upset if he couldnt ride his bike on xmas morning.

Now take the video game example. You know Halo2 is coming out soon and you want to make sure you get a copy. You can purchase it ahead of time on reserve and this allows the producer to produce enough copies so that everyone who wants one right away can have it. Perhaps they offer a 10% discount for purchasing early. I have no problem with this. But say you purchase that game early and when it shows up they tell you that you cant play it because there are know software issues but we will give it to you now anyways. Well WTFing good is that going to do you.

HS basically is giving you incentives for purchasing a broken product that they officially have not even promised that it would ever be working. As far as we know they could collect all of our money and go out of business. We agree when we purchase that we are buying the product as is. Thats why I am waiting to make sure they make some progress before purchasing. To be honest HS2 has alot of nice features but none that i NEED. Only features that I want. For all I care I will go back to 1.7x and never buy 2.0

Before I ever go back though I will probably look into a hardware solution.


Nows you chance to really promote your CQC... Perhaps you should offer some discounts because HS users are really vaunerble right now. Perhaps you should run a contest on cocoontech and give away a copy or two just to get things started.