Homeseer JDS Stargate Plug-in Price Increase

OK, final question(s)...

Do I need HAL 2000 or would that be a waste in this application? Should I just get HAL Deluxe? (I am going to be using their modem rather than a microphone if that makes a difference.)

I already have lots of AT&T voices. I don't understand why I can't use these instead of buying them over again as "HAL Voices". What is different about the HAL version of the AT&T voices?
i think you should check out & see the different features each package has. i have hal deluxe (i found it on closeout @ lowes a couple years ago). personally, deluxe works just fine for me.

the requirement for hal voices is annoying as i have at&t voices already. as far as i can tell they're at&t voices somehow repackaged. i caved in & got them anyway.

there's always crap like that going on whethers it's ink cartridge refills or fiber optic modules ( ie )

one thing i have to warn you is that creating the tasks to execute your voice commands will be tedious since you are not using hal exclusively. in my setup, i have to define the actual phrase then associate the action to the phrase. for example, in my example i defined "turn on nook light" but if you say "turn nook light on", it won't work since that phrase isn't defined. if you rely on hal exclusively, that would be automatic. i don't know how this compares to homeseer VR.
i meant having hal connect directly to your stargate w/o sC in between. if HAL has knowledge of your hardware and devices, etc. it will be more flexible w/ phrase recognition. so 'turn on nook light' and 'turn nook light on' will be taken care of automatically within hal. w/ sC in the way, you'll need to create custom tasks for each action you want to perfom. but if you're going to use it to for issuing commands to your music players, you'll be creating custom commands anyway.
What about commands that do more than 1 thing? Like turn on an X-10 address AND run a batch file. Would that be considered a custom command?

Or how about this idea... use a COM port share program to let HAL and WinEVM both use the stargate com1 port. Let HAL diectly control "dummy" devices in stargate and then stargate can use those dummy devices as flags to trigger real events. I could define several house codes worth of X-10 addresses to be dummy devices for HAL to use.
i think that would be a custom command. here's a list of commands hal recognizes:

you could do that. i personally wouldn't want to put out more x10 traffic than necessary. might be a good idea to start a hal thread. i think there may be some hal/stargate users here who may be able to answer your questions better, especially since i've never used hal directly connected to my tc+