Homeseer RFID

Now there's no need to hack a palmpad. Just buy their "System" to know when your car is at home.

I didn't see the RFID tag "body implant" though. We need it so our systems will know WHO entered the room! ;)
Too Funny.

Its a new technology that is very promising. Give it a few years, and not only will prices drop, but I can foresee the transmitters getting small enough to fit into a braclet or even in my watch (and no, I won't wear one of those large bricks on my wirst).

A few more years down the road, and Winston Smith may once again become a main character ;)

One idea I really like...

"Smart watch system could help busy, forgetful people keep track of necessities
In the not-so-distant future, your wristwatch could stop you if you try to run out the door without the necessities you need for the day, like your keys, wallet or cell phone."
there is a lot more stuff you can do with this, including tracking where your children are outside, and if they are violating boundries (or are being taken), follow-me lighting, and much more.
Glad I could make you smile Rupp :)

I think it is a really good idea, but too expensive to reasonably implement right now. I am sure someone will come out with a less expensive and smaller version.

Just for future reference;

RFID is a subject I have studied recently because of a large comercial project I have been associated with. The technology exists (for more money than any of us are currently interested in paying) to place credit card sized RFID tags in our wallets and be tracked by the wireless LAN that is likely already in your house. The requirements are:

RFID tags (about $100.00 each)

a minimum of 3 wireless access points at stragetic locations around your home (more if you have a large house or if there is considerable interferrence in the RF spectrum. 3 simultanious connections are required to pinpoint location.)

and the software to run on a server (software costs of 25,000.00 are not uncommon) :eek:

Anyone wanting to rush right out and get this stuff may feel free to contact me!
Well call me stupid but here's a link to my RFID Server if you want to see the events I am running with RFID.

Monahan's RFID HomeSeer System

un: discussions
pw: homeseer

You get more sensing than you can imagine at the lowest cost per square foot of any other detection available.

Please limit time on server, it's a legacy machine being used for the test so that we can determine the minimum requirements.

Have Fun

P.S. The Key Fobs are now in stock
As an alternative to the mail truck, You can also use the tag with motion sensor built in ON the mailbox so if the maibox door is opened (or if teens use a baseball bat) an alarm pulse is transmit.

Works very well

hi Peter, welcome to CocoonTech, glad you joined!

I just looked through the events again, and don't see an example of triangulation. Would it be possible to create such event so we can see how it looks/works? Thanks, I definitely look forward to trying this some day.