HouseLinc vs Powerhome


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I'll give you a quick reply.

I downloaded PowerHome yesterday and I added my devices but didn't put anything in for the description. I click refresh and it asked it I wanted to save, I said yes and then a database constraint failed because description was NULL. It then proceeded to refresh from the database which had no items (since they failed to save) and wipe out all the devices I just entered.

Once I figure out that problem I went on to try and configure my KeyPadLinc and when I would double click the name on the KeyPadLinc tab I would get some sort of array exception (I don't remember the exact wording at the moment). Also there is no refresh button on the KeyPadLinc tab so I would have to close the whole Insteon Explorer and reopen it for the KeyPadLinc to show up once I added it to the database.

I haven't had that much time to play with it so I can't offer much other feedback.




Excellent. The link screen probably seems a little intimidating at first glance, but I think it rapidly starts to make sense and allows you to quickly see what is controlled and who is controlling.


Appreciate the feedback. I had already encountered the problem with the KPL screen not having a refresh button and have already coded a fix. Same with the error message you're getting to. To work around it right now, go back to the Insteon Devices screen and define the Controller for each device. This will allow you to get past the error.

The problem with the Refresh losing your changes if all required fields are not entered is a major problem that Im fixing right now. This and some other minor annoyance fixes will be available in a couple of days.



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dhoward said:

Would it be possible for you to take a look at the new PowerHome beta ( and once again give me your thoughts on the new Insteon Explorer UI and how it compares to HouseLinc (I don't have HouseLinc and have only seen screenshots). Ive been working hard on improving the UI and would like some feedback on how Im doing.

Many thanks.
Just got back to this forum after some time out of town.

I look forward to trying it out, Dave!


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I "defaulted" and re-discovered and rebuilt all my links this weekend. It took some playing, but I AGREE, the new version of P.H. is SWEET for dealing with Insteon.

Can't wait for updated triggers and Elk control (coming next we have been told)!!