How can I control theses LED strips?


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Environment: Elk M1G, CQC, and in the future, UPB and/or similar wireless devices.
I'm putting some LED tape lights under the toe kick of the kitchen island. There is one conduit that runs under the slab between a wall and the island to provide power to the island for small appliances, etc. Since the house is on a slab, there's no way to run additional wires without busting concrete, which I will not do. I don't want to run wire underneath the wood flooring either. I also understand that I cannot run low voltage wires in the same conduit.
The goal is to be able to control on/off/brightness of the island's LED strips with similar strips in the toe kicks of the perimeter cabinets. Running wires for the perimeter cabinets will be easy enough during cabinet installation.
Seems like my only option is to use the unswitched circuit going to the island to control the island's LED strip and power small appliances at the island. I can branch off from the unswitched circuit before the outlet strip. I can add a UPB switch in a surface mounted switch box (switch box depth doesn't matter in this case). From the UPB switch, go to a transformer that controls the LED strips in the island toe kicks.
If I do this, will I be able to use the UPB switch that controls the other toe kick LED strips to control the UPB switch for the island LED's, including on/off/brightness?
Is there a better way to do this, alternatively using Z-Wave or some other wireless method that can be controlled by the M1G and/or CQC?
I know that I'm probably breaking the electrical code a bit by using a general purpose circuit for the island to power the LED strips, but I'm in a small village that doesn't have electrical inspections.
You can run cable or conductors rated the same as the existing conductors in the same raceway and separate out once you leave the raceway and be compliant. As long as conductor fill is considered, it's an elementary code item.


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Yes, you can do this with UPB.   You can program a UPB wall switch to send a link to the toe kick UPB switch that will turn it  on/off/dim.   It is relatively easy to do this in upstart.
I wired for toe kick lights but have not installed them.   The wife did not like the idea of highlighting the dust on the floor with the light.   I am using dimmed lamps instead for a similar effect.


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I will keep those ideas in mind, but if what DEL says is true (I will check with my electrician today), that takes care of everything the easy way.