How to verify RJ31X works?


I hooked up the RJ31X on my M1G panel, and my house phones do get a dial tone. I can also access the panel by hitting *** on my house phone. Now, how do I verify that I connected the RJ31X correctly, namely it will seize a line even if I am using a phone? Is there a menu in the keypad that allows me to test this? Thanks.
The principle of the RJ31x is quit simple. The phone line connects to the in side of the rj31x (before any telephone equipment) then the out side of the rj gets connected to the telephone equipment. There are 2 tests. First. If you unplug the telephone cord going into the rj31x, your telephones should still work. 2nd. If you trip the alarm your telephones should go dead. If both these thing happen then you are good to good.